Dizziness When Having to Manage Finances, Here’s the Tips

Many people often think that it is very difficult to manage finances for the future. The solution, you have to save money, and manage expenses, and avoid credit or debt. But still, when I have to do it just makes my head dizzy.

It turns out it’s only natural, because the human brain has evolved for thousands of years to focus on short-term survival in the world, which has many challenges. In ancient times there was no term saving, but saving what needed to be saved at that time.

Unlike today, it is necessary to save money to successfully manage finances in the future. So that the mindset of saving can be reduced to the next generation.

Reporting from the CNBC page, Tuesday (12/10/2019), according to financial psychology, Brad Klontz, explained that we need encouragement to meet financial needs in this modern era. You do this by delaying satisfaction, saving money and building wealth.

He also explained the big challenge experienced by savers, is using the money to help relatives. So, the money he gets is used.

According to him, to be able to save money in the long run, someone needs to find a way to reduce the sharing instinct. Often, this requires dedication to set aside a portion of income.

Then adopt the mindset if the world becomes a better place if you can save money that can make you richer.

Regardless of the reason, accumulating wealth requires individual awareness that justifies efforts to have money, while others do not.

Financial success requires continuous awareness to put aside the impulses that allow yourself to save money. Financial health depends on it.

One Similarity in World Billionaires: Trouble with Authority

A study found that the billionaires of the world have some things that make them different from ordinary people. One of the personality traits that billionaires possess, is that they often have problems with authority or authorities.

Then, the richest people are more open to new experiences and have an extroverted attitude than the general public.

This is revealed from the results of a psychological study from a German researcher named Rainer Zitelmann. Research aimed at 43 billionaires from all over the world.

Launching the Business Insider page, Monday (9/12/2019), the inability of the world’s richest people to do the things stated in the book, may be part of their success.

If all this time, billionaires are known as great leaders, but that doesn’t mean they can be led. “I call it non-conformist. Many of them have problems with authority, like when they were in school early in their lives,” Zitelmann explained.

In addition to problems with authority, Zitelmann also found that billionaires were a bit eccentric and unpleasant. “But they have a higher level of awareness, are more open to new experiences, and are more extroverted than the population as a whole,” he continued.

The billionaire interviewed by Zitelmann were all entrepreneurs and investors. With a net worth of at least USD 11 million, equivalent to Rp 154 ​​billion.

The study was conducted by giving 50 questions to each billionaire that contained personality tests, based on the Theory of Five Personality Factors.

Some famous billionaires have actually shown problems as Zitelmann pointed out in his study.

For example, CNN founder Ted Turner was expelled from Brown University before graduating for letting his girlfriend stay in a dorm room with him. Even though this violates campus rules. There is also Steve Jobs who is often hostile to authority figures who want to control it.

Zitelmann admitted I wasn’t surprised by the results of his studies. “If you do things the same way, like other people, you will not grow super rich and have half a billion or billions of dollars in the end. You have to act differently and act differently, you have to think differently,” he insisted.